Chloe's Tale (Part 1)

The following excerpt was taken from a video recording. The conversation that took place and what was written on the computer have been both archived here.
Chloe: I don't see why you're making me do this…
PenOrSaber1: Well, it's required by multiple organizations on their sites and databases. I believe you wouldn't want to be locked up in a cell at the SCP Foundation, so it's better to be labeled as an entity and be able to move around freely.
Chloe: And making this document is part of the process? I'd much rather be sleeping right now.
Mal0gen: Yes. I'm sorry, but you'll have to put up with it for a bit. I believe your document will be the first of its kind on this website, so you'll also have to bear the publicity that comes with it…
*Reaches down and starts petting Chloe*
PenOrSaber1: I guess I'll start with: Welcome to Chloe's document. Sorry if she's a little grumpy.
Chloe: Tsk. You know exactly why I'm grumpy.

Welcome to Chloe's document! I apologize if it seems a little grumpy because of her.

The following document is a collab between the entity and its owners.

Description: Chloe is a tabby cat, estimated to be 15 years old, who has several anomalous properties. She tends to get extremely grumpy when not placated by her owners.

Chloe: I'm tired of typing. Can I shorten the description?
PenOrSaber1: …I guess… but if the article gets deleted because of your laziness, I'm blaming you…

Chloe's abilities range from, but are not limited to:

  • Telepathic Abilities
  • Telekinetic Abilities
  • Morphic Abilities
  • Mind Control Abilities
  • Conversion of Matter

Due to the extent of her abilities, and how she uses them, she can prove herself to be deadly. She experiences constant mood swings, causing her to attack or deliver insults at different moments.
The main ability to be wary of is her telekinetic abilities, as, when angry, she tends to throw heavy objects at a very high speed at the target. She can also plant "suggestions" in the mind of any sentient entities around her, making them favor her.
She can create minor headaches/migraines by releasing a large amount of energy when directing her anger at a person.
Her least harmful ability is that she is able to turn part of her body into a loaf of bread. This is a sign she is contented with the current situation she is in.

PenOrSaber1: The turning yourself into a loaf of bread seems useless to me, anyway.
Chloe: Useless?!? It keeps me warm and comfortable in extreme environments! And if anything, your own lack of ability to take care of me makes you useless in yourself. You should just give up all of your ownership to Mal0gen.
PenOrSaber1: But then you'd be spoiled and fat. Can't have that. Plus, we need to strengthen your abilities.
Chloe: Hmph!
PenOrSaber1: I guess we should try and cut the formality, and get to the point of how the hell you got your abilities.
(PenOrSaber1 starts to look around diligently for something)
PenOrSaber1: Well, the log records are missing…wonder where they went…
Mal0gen: Looks like we'll have to visit the archive to get the spares.
PenOrSaber1(referring to the draft): Well, it's pretty barebones right now…We need the logs…
Chloe: Wait, does this mean we're going to have to visit that nutty old librarian again?
And get stuck on that ship, again, for a week???

Mal0gen: We're only here for the specimen that that "nutty old librarian", Mr. 023020, asked for. We were planning on heading there again after we got it.
Chloe: Why did he name himself after a hexadecimal code again?
PenOrSaber1: It's his favorite shade of green…Anyway, speaking of the specimen, where is it?
Mal0gen: It was right here…
Chloe: …I may or may not have knocked it over and into the lake…
PenOrSaber1(groans): We spent hours getting that damned thing…
Mal0gen: It's okay, we can get again tomorrow…I guess…
PenOrSaber1: Did you have to knock it over?
Chloe: How was I supposed to know it was important? I was bored and it was just lying around, a fun thing to roll around. After we lost all my favorite toys because of you, I've been lazy with nothing to do.
PenOrSaber1: It's not my fault that we got attacked by those creatures and had to run at a moment's notice…
Chloe: Failure!
(A slipper with the word Failure! written on it materializes out of thin air and whacks PenOrSaber1 across the back of his head)
PenOrSaber1: Ow! What have I told you about your slipper! No Fancy Feast for a week, only kibble!
(Chloe sulks onto the nearby ship, with Mal0gen following close behind)
PenOrSaber1(Looks at all the trinkets, objects, and papers on the ground, and sighs): I guess I'll be cleaning this up myself…

To be continued…

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