Little disclaimer

The articles listed under 'divtopia' are a series of articles that describe an alternative future timeline, which allude to and directly mention real world events. This is not intended to be an accurate representation of the future. This is not intended to harm, offend, or slander anyone or anything. I am some guy with some thoughts and ideas, and sometimes writes them down. Everything here is merely a product of that.

Every week we get a new news headline stating that World War III is around the corner, everything's gone to shit, people are dying everywhere, and that the apocalypse is near. If these are true or just written by someone who's trying to earn advertisement revenue somewhere is up for you to decide. Something this has us all thinking is: what does the future hold in store for us? Well, if you want to be almost that you're wrong about something, start making predictions for it. However, speculating is always food for thought. Thinking instead of panicking is something we need to do in uncertain times.



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