Project Neoverse 2


November 16, 1963

As always, I will try to keep it short and tidy.

In August of this year, Foundation field agents embedded in the Soviet Union shed light upon a series of reports made by Soviet scientists in their space program. In the past decade, there has been significant speculation that both the west and the Soviets have been trying to outmatch each other even in the paranormal realm. This is purely incompetent on their behalves, as they are both under us. Anyways, we the Foundation must remain neutral, but simultaneously keep an even more open eye on occurrences like this, as this is our business as you will see.

In late October, several armed agents breached into a facility to intercept the shady operations. We were successful, with the details of the confrontation being irrelevant here. While we are still investigating, it appears as if there have been attempts at developing methods of defying physics if you will. What has caught our attention the most is the development of a faster-than-light travel method.

The theory of general relativity, along with common-knowledge physics states that nothing with mass can exceed light-speed in a vacuum. It isn't exactly clear how this drive operates, but if fully activated, it seems that it can alter spacetime around it to create a space that does not need to obey common laws. Pushing this "room" through our normal universe would allow for travel beyond the set limit of light.

As mentioned, nothing here is certain, but we know that Operation Cold Moon was a success and was not a useless course of action.

Signed Dr. Jeremiah Kollema

The following is a message exchange between Agent Luke Orin, an operation member during Operation Cold Moon, and Dr. Evelyn Winters, the initiator of Project NEOVERSE.

From Agent Luke Orin
To Dr. Evelyn Winters
November 2, 1963


Our confrontation with whatever they were investigating in Siberia was a success. I am not exactly a scientist, but it appears that we are ready to go with everything up here. All the scientists have been injected with that stuff that makes people forget things. Do you not think it is a concern that the Soviets did not notify us about their discoveries earlier. That is what the Foundation is for right?

From Dr. Evelyn Winters.
To Agent Luke Orin
November 4, 1963

Thank you for informing me. I cannot visit the place right now, but we'll get some techies and scientists up there. In the meantime, I'll work with the reports we received earlier this year. I am convinced that there is a plot in the Soviet space program to investigate and eventually commission paranormal space travel, most likely faster-than-light technology.

I don't know if someone decided to create their own veil up in Siberia from us. Remember however, we are only intercepting this because of the paranormality of the aforementioned plot, not to take pressure off the west. In times of conflict, we remain neutral.

On a different note, I believe the developments can be classified as Thaumiel. I want to try and use it for the Foundation's benefits, make us humanity's true right hand. If done right, we don't only need to look forward, but also upward.

Further investigations confirmed the attempted development of faster-than-light technology. The following is a statement from O5-1 regarding the discovery.


April 22, 1964

The primary objective of the Foundation is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We have done this for over a century now, since 1844. A secondary objective however is comprehension and understanding. It is in the best interest of mankind to further understand the universe around us.

The results of Operation Cold Moon have been illuminating. Considering our secondary objective, the ability to traverse universal distances without the concern of time is an opportunity we cannot ignore. As such, we will be commissioning the proposal by Dr. Winters to utilize the technology for exploring beyond Earth. The benefits that come from this include a hope for better comprehension, but also to search for extraterrestrial threats. We may eventually use the technology for future human expansion, although we have yet to put serious thought into such ambitions.

Following the successful twenty-second travel conducted by the Foundation Eon1 on December 20, 1966, the Foundation began deriving resources to set up a new project involving universal exploration. Project NEOVERSE was commissioned in 1973.

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