Project Neoverse 3

On June 6, 1973, Project NEOVERSE was commissioned, with various trained Mobile Task Force members assembled to visit and set up settlements in various points in the solar system, and later exoplanets. These groups of MTF members were later designated Universal Exploration Teams (or UETs). The early years of the project led to numerous unexpected discoveries. The following are logs of early settlements made by the Foundation, along with said discoveries.

Settlement: Titan

Established in 1977

Image of Titan.

Description: All colonies were set up around the northern pole of the moon, close to the largest hydrocarbon seas. Originally, these habitats could accommodate a maximum of 45 people. Following its establishment Titian served as the Foundation's gateway to the ice giants and interstellar travel. This was due to the extreme abundance of raw fuel. This was halted in 1981, following the development of more advanced, non-carbon based faster-than-light engines, along with a vote passed by the O5 Council, which deemed the harvesting of Titan's hydrocarbons as 'unfettered exploitation of natural fuel resources.' Titan colonies remained despite these acts.

Discoveries: A single, gold-coated monolith was discovered on an island in Ligeia Mare.1 The monolith emitted electromagnetic signals, which when transcribed displayed the words 'come here, somebody come here.' The monoliths along with its signals had a mild cognitohazardous effect, as subjects viewing the monolith appeared to show a high desire to return to Earth.

A construct resembling a combat jet with four wings was found crashed close to the Vid Flumina. Severe degradation from hydrocarbon rain and other enviornmental factors indicated that the construct was likely hundreds of thousands of years.

Settlement: Triton

Established in 1981

Image of Triton.

Description: A small collection of habitats were constructed. A maximum of 20 people inhabited these colonies. The Foundation was successful in deriving energy from the hydrothermal vents on the surface of the moon. These allowed for heated colonies despite the extremely low temperatures on the moon.

Discoveries: Several pieces of debris were discovered around the moon. These included constructs resembled the second discovery on Titan. A tall mast, about five meters in height, was found near one of the crash sites, and was determined to be a device used for instant communications. The device appeared still active, emitting an electromagnetic frequency of 24 GHz.

Settlement: Proxima Centauri

Established in 1999

Description: First interstellar colony established. A planet found2 in the Goldilocks zone was found with a stripped atmosphere, due to solar winds from Proxima Centauri, along with being tidally locked to the star. Colonies were positioned along the terminator line, and functionally abided with those set up in the solar system due to this reason. Shallow surface oceans devoid of life and containing vital minerals allowed for easy access to water.

Discoveries: Various ruins were discovered along the terminator line and deeper into the night side of the planet. No lifeforms were discovered among these ruins, but were determined to once be inhabited by a race of quadruped, dog-like beings, with the addition of arm-like appendages above the front legs. Their civilization was determined to be equivalent to humanity in terms of advancement. All potential natural causes to their extinction were disproved after a lengthy study.

Settlement: Epsilon Eridani

Established in 2007

Description: A planet approximately 91% the mass of Earth was discovered in the Goldilocks zone. The planet was found to harbor active lifeforms, and was covered in wetlands and forests. A single research colony was constructed in the southern hemisphere of the planet, to study the lifeforms and ecosystems of it.

Discoveries: A civilization consisting of beings with physique similar to that of humans, with the addition of wings, were discovered in a primitive state, albeit with some technological advancements. Communication with these beings was only achieved with an effective translation system in 2010. It was determined that the civilization was more populous on the planet in the past, until 82% of the population was wiped out with the use of chemical weapons and nuclear bombs. Statements made by beings indicated that the civilization once had connections to other civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy.

Settlement: Aurora system

Established in 2016

Description: Colonies established on several habitable planets located throughout the tri-star system.3 Several planets bore various lifeforms, but none bore any active civilizations or complex societies. Following the discovery described bellow, the Aurora system was set up as a primary research station.

Discoveries: One of the planets in orbit with the system's red dwarf star was home to a demolished ecumenopolis4 bearing the moniker 'Kingdom of Triakon.' Various artifacts including wielded metals and plastics were uncovered during an archaeological survey of the planet. Studies also discovered fossilizing bones, resembling various beings. These included skeletons resembling humans.

Following the discoveries made in the Aurora system, the O5 Council ordered a full-scale research initiative to be conducted. The results uncovered during this time were summed up in an internal memorandum that can be found in the next file.

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