Japan is an island country in eastern Asia. Japan shares maritime borders with Russia, Korea, and China. Japan is administered from its largest city, Tokyo, which is also the largest city in the world by population with around 20 million inhabitants, or one fifth of Japan's population. Japan is a founding member of the IPMO, and has one of the largest standing militaries in the alliance, with the entirety of its military-fit population having been conscribed. Japan is also a part of the United Nations, and is a firm ally of NATO and its members, and in turn the allies of those nations.

Since the 2080s, following China's initiative for remilitarization, Japan has sought closer ties with all of its fellow IPMO members, with the two most significant being Korea (despite cultural and ethnic differences, and historically frosty relations), and The Philippines. In 2115, Japan's prime minister ████████████ even called the Korea-Japan-Filipino alliance in the 2100s as "one nation, three states." The primary motivation for these changes in Japan's foreign policies and norms, is the ever-growing military capacity of China.

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