Rules and Guidelines

In the case that you do want to use this site, you will have to follow the rules and understand the ways of using the site. You are expected to understand and follow these ways. Here are some basics. Like with the SCP wiki and its neighboring spaces, the golden rule of the site is don't be a dick! The rules here are effectively identical to those on the SCP wiki, but I'll break it down.

  • You are expected to treat and interact with others in a respectful manner. In other words, no harassing, threatening, vehemence, or anything else that could be directly harmful to someone. Essentially, remain civil please.
  • Don't roleplay; this is a fictional writing site. You should not act like you are in-universe when interacting with others.
  • Don't vandalize, plagiarize, troll, or do anything else of such. Don't copy-paste articles off of other wikis (or elsewhere for that matter) and put them on here. If an article is determined to be a troll/vandalism page, or subject to plagiarism, it will be deleted, and the user in question will be revoked, if not banned altogether.
  • I do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Any offense taken towards someone for the following reasons are subjected to a permanent ban from the wiki, without any appeals; race, gender/sexual orientation, religion, nationality, culture…you get the point.

So you want to be a writer huh?

  • To create a place for you to draft concepts, create a page with 'usernamebox' url. That is to say, type your username followed by 'box' in the url (ex:
  • If you are a user of the SCP wiki or some other neighboring wiki, you can assume that the guides for appropriate content there applies here. Ideally don't post articles with buckets of gore, or with 5,299 sex scenes.
  • Any images uploaded here must be compliant with the wiki's CC BY SA 3.0 license, and should always be attributed to wherever you found it.
  • If you manage to get two articles up on the wiki, please create a page to attribute your work, and plug it on the content list. This will be the most effective way to show others your work.

More may come here.


If you would like to join, send me (andromedaz andromedaz ) a PM. Please do so in a formal and respective manner. ッ

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