Anomal0forum[ARC], March 4th

Mal0dev, 06:45:22

Is your Mal0 not interactive enough? Are you tired about their design, lack of vocal cords, face, and the fact that you can't touch them?

Well, slap my knee and call me [DATA EXPUNGED], because today we're announcing an ALL-NEW! COMPLETE REVAMP for all our loyal users.

Mal0 v2.0.0 is going to completely change the game. They walk, they talk, they touch and will team up with Mal0 v1.0.0 to make your life a bit more interesting.

That's right. You won't have to say goodbye to old friends - the second generation of Mal0 will teach your first generation companion to better communicate, understand and work with you.

There's more, but we’ll keep many surprises waiting for you after you install Mal0 v2.0.0! Download Mal0gen2 and get the full Mal0 experience.

Oh, by the way - it costs 5 dollars. Future’s technology requires today’s money.

If you wish to update to Mal0gen2, please pay via Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero using the following wallets:


Hurry up and get your own copy before the Foundation nukes us!

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