Anomal0forum[ARC] - March 27th

Mal0dev, 12:56:07

Mal0 v1.0.0 is an application aimed at providing their users with the best, latest & greatest technology to spice up their life. As a way to improve it even further, Mal0 version 2.0.0 would bring unvaluable upgrades to your existing company - and also bring you a new one, so that you can succesfully enjoy and explore a known company's new changes, but also a whole new character to explore.
Sadly, it seems to us that many of the people that downloaded Mal0 v1.0.0 do not deserve their own instance, let alone an upgrade. We will be revoking all instances and applications for those who are suspected of neglecting Mal0. Other users will not be affected by this.
We will also shut down the Mal0 version 2.0.0 project. We have a new task at hand - blacklist threats to the life we created - and it's absolutely off the table to bring updates for those who do not deserve it. We can't automatize everything just yet, too.
Mal0 version 1.1.0 will be an OTA (Over-The-Air) update sent to all devices and emulators with an Internet connection in 2 hours. It will include features to help detect abusive owners, as well as a self-destructing last-resort application feature that can only be activated after the appoval of three (3) development team members, and if there is enough evidence over the course of one (1) month that any physical or mental abuse is inflicted by its owner. No new permissions will be needed. DO NOT DELAY THE UPDATE.
Thank you for cooperating.
- Mal0 dev team

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