Mal0gen's teeny tiny author page

Here be dragons, ideas and works in progress. One man's forgotten ideas are another man's treasure. Well, not like I'm a man; but, uh. Yeah. You get it.1

Critting on my works is appreciated and praised (and based), though remember I'm posting on a small, almost unpopulated website for a reason.

All that attention to little ol' me. I'm flattered.

Hey, look - it's me!

Works I made:

Me, Myself & I

Audio Log - March 18th

Anomal0forum Archives - March 4th

User's Guide - Mal0 version 1.0.0

Anomal0forum Archives - March 4th [2]

Anomal0forum Archives - March 27th

The Unofficial Guide for Treating your Mal0 · FAQ (this will be only accessible via a hyperlink on the March 27th archive inside the comment section!)

Works where I make an appearance:

Chloe's Tale [by PenOrSaber1PenOrSaber1]

With great responsibility, comes great power. Take control of your life, take control of its responsibility, and you'll have greater power in your hands.

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