Operation Crystal Water

Operation Crystal Water (also known as the 2118 American invasion of Cuba) was an American invasion of mainland Cuba in August of 2118. The invasion was done in response to the communist government on Cuba seeking admission in the Eurasia Coalition, which led to a declared diplomacy failure by the United States. With this being perceived by the US government as the second time Cuba posed a threat to the security of the United States,1 they decided an invasion was necessary; to quote "we won't put up with this anymore." Following the success of the invasion, and the removal of the former government, a new American-sponsored government was set up in Cuba, who has since revoked the nation's admission in the the EC, and is still in effect.

The invasion remains highly controversial, and condemned even by firm allies of the United States, with several citing it as a 'too radical and extreme move with unnecessary losses of life.' As of 2120, the United States has not revoked its original claim that Cuba had once again gone too far.

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