Project Neoverse



Our universe is one of countless in the exaverse.1 That is something that has boggled even the Foundation for millennia; not even we are capable of comprehending that. So for us, it is easier to focus on the universe we are in.

Project NEOVERSE has been running for several millennia now, and will undoubtedly continue for several more. Initiated in 1973, the initial goal of Project NEOVERSE was to understand the universe around us, but soon shifted towards the comprehension of the predecessors and myths in our universe. Paranormal discoveries (what the Foundation was originally directed towards), extraterrestrials, lost interstellar empires, exotic planets, we have encountered it all.

As with all projects humanity initiates that are still in progress, the documents get outdated before we can update them all. So we have deemed it easier for you to read through a series of archives and active documents detailing the origins of the project. Obviously, everything here will be extremely summarized, as our database is already flooded with detailed discoveries.

Remember that our progress with Project NEOVERSE spans thousands of years, so at least give credit to our sticktoitiveness. Our research here is as always, critical. Understanding the past and present is what determines our future. You may call it cliche, but understand that it is reality.

Signed, O5-13

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