Quebec is a country and former Canadian providence in North America. Quebec is bordered by Quebec to the west, and the United States to the south. Prior to gaining independence from Canada in 2045, Quebec was Canada's primary French-speaking region. Today, French is still the national and majority language of Quebec. Quebec is administered from the capital city of Quebec City, and its largest city is Montreal. Quebec is part of the United Nations, and maintains diplomacy with most other UN members.

Historical Significance

Quebec gained independence from Canada in 2045, due to growing Quebec nationalism, and a desire to preserve the French-oriented culture of the providence. Following the 2045 Quebec Independence referendum, 86% of the population voted pro-independence, leading to an official secession from Canada in August of the same year.

In 2116, Quebec expanded territoriality by gaining all of Canada's maritime Providences1 This was due to an increasing number of Quebecois moving into the regions, due to various opportunities including low real-estate investment.

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