Russian Federation

The Russian Federation (otherwise known simply as Russia) is a transcontinental country spanning from eastern Europe, all across northern Asia, and to the Pacific Ocean. Russia borders 15 countries,1 and is administered from it largest city, Moscow. Russia is part of the United Nations, and a founding member of the Eurasian Coalition. Russia is commonly affiliated with the trait of being the largest country in the world by land area, which is a title it only regained with its resurgence in the 2100s, following the reintegration of Irkutsk and the East Siberian Federation.


Russia, including de facto controlled territories as of 2120

Historical significance:

The Russian Federation consists primarily of the former Soviet Union's core, which collapsed in 1991.

In 2026, Russia expanded territoriality, when the nation of Belarus united with Russia. Belarus has not had legal or recognized independence since.

During the middle of the 2040s, Russia's central government began losing control over much of the nation, due to civil unrest as a result of an inability to cope with an economic crisis plaguing much of the world. This unrest fueled various factions in the nation, including Russian loyalists, pro-democracy groups, and separatist movements. Following the total collapse of the Russian government in 2046, moderately-intense internal conflict erupted throughout the country, allowing the aforementioned factions to assert their influence.

In 2047, the quasi states of Chechnya and Dagestan declared independence from Russia. This was ensued in 2048 with the break-away of Sakha, and much of the eastern oblasts, who collectively formed the East Siberian Federation. A similar union formed in 2050, being comprised of the Krasnoyarsk, Tuva, Irkutsk, Buryat, Kemerovo, and Khakass Oblasts, which became known simply as Irkutsk. Finally, Tatarstan and Baskortostan united to form a new nation. In 2051 a new Euro-backed pro-democracy government took power in Moscow, and successfully prevented further collapse of Russia. This government additionally formed close ties with the breakaway states, forming the Russian Commonwealth.

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