Diameter (km) 10,172
Mass (x🜨) 0.81
Orbital Period (d) 319
Rotational Period 20 hrs, 43 min
Semi-major axis (AU) 0.84
Star type G2-Main sequence
Location from Earth 778 million ly
Constellation Delphinus
Discovered May 16, 2877
Habitable? YES
Colonized? No

Planet summary: SCAR-28461-c is located within IRIS-12516,1 approximately 778 million light-years from Earth, in the direction of the Delphinus constellation. SCAR-28461-c is the third planet from it's sun, and is located on the inner edge of the Goldilocks zone. It is 10,172 kilometers in diameter, and is 0.81 times as massive as Earth. Its surface gravity is 0.74 times that of Earth's.

Discovery: SCAR-28461-c was discovered on May 16, 2877 by UET-Gamma-12 ("Star gazers"), as part of the Foundation's UDUE program.

Planetary system: 10 planets are in orbit around the G2-Main-sequence star SCAR-28461, a star 98% as massive as the sun. The closest planet, a, is a hot Jupiter,2 while d, e and i are rocky planets, with i being a super Earth. Planets f, g and h are all gas giants, while j is an ice giant.

Description: SCAR-28461-c's atmosphere contains high levels of nitrogen, water, and ammonia. Its average surface temperature is 29 Celsius, and is described as having a hot, humid climate. The low levels of carbon within the planet is a likely exploitation as to why the planet does not suffer from a runaway greenhouse effect. The surface of SCAR-28461-c is covered entirely in a shallow ocean, with an average depth of 1.024 meters. The floor of this ocean is covered in a layer of colorful orbs, each approximately 1 centimeter in size. The deepest point in the ocean only measures 15.3 meters.

Important Colonial Protocols: Currently, no permanent settlements are present on SCAR-28461-b. A single data beacon is located on a platform close to the equator of the planet.3 The planet was last visited in 3095 by a beacon maintenance team. Any explorations carried out may only be done via the use of remote controlled vehicles.

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