SCAR Initiative

Our universe is ever expansive. I've said that countless times already. The saying goes, 'there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth.' In such cases, the number of potential discoveries out there is beyond our comprehension.

As the newly reformed, broken-masqueade Foundation, we have put it upon ourselves to uncover the secrets of the universe. We've given that initiative the designation 'Project NEOVERSE. However, while we perform our investigations there, we make discoveries that are astounding, but don't contribute to NEOVERSE. Documentation of these discoveries are appreciated by non-Foundation sciences.

This is SCAR. The Stellar, Celestial, and Astronomical Research initiative. Our intiative to catalog and research all of our discoveries, including those that are not uncovering our distant past. There are an unknown but exceedingly large number of discoveries out there, just waiting to be uncovered. Let's uncover them now.

- Signed, O5-1. January 1, 2108.

Initiated: December 1, 2058
Status: Active

The Stellar, Celestial, and Astronomical Research initiative (or SCAR Initiative) is a Foundation-led initiative to catalog and research various astronomical objects for non-Foundation organizations which invest in space exploration, colonization, and research. Currently, roughly ██████████ individual cataloged discoveries are located in the SCAR's database. While the SCAR initiative covers all astronomical objects, it's primary focus is on planets.

The SCAR initiative was established in 2058, eighty-five years after Project NEOVERSE, following a decision made by the O5 Council who deemed it was necessary to catalog space discoveries for future use. This intent was redone to its current following the Foundation's breaking of the masquerade in December, 2102.

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