Ultra Distant Universe Exploration

Statement from O5-1

November 19, 2598

Hello, and welcome to the Ultra Distant Universe Exploration program.

In light of our technological advancements and discoveries during Project NEOVERSE, we have made a new initiative. An initiative to explore the extreme distant galaxies of our universe. For this, we have done something we generally try to avoid. We have left this project to chance.

The universe is too vast and too grand to conventionally travel to each star and planet to catalog it. That would take billions if not trillions of years. So instead, we have observed individual galaxies, and will send experienced Universal Exploration Teams, or UTCs to them. They will hopefully be able to catalog significant discoveries there, and confirm if the properties and conditions of worlds outside of our immediate space. Secondly, we can hopefully gather the scope of our discoveries with Project NEOVERSE.

Our normal Stellar, Celestial, and Astronomical Research, or SCAR methods will be retained within this new program. Good luck to the UTCs who will take part in this.

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