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This is a page where users can write a few sentences about themselves. If you want to write up your profile here, make sure you do it in a blocked text (just add '>' followed by a single space, then your sentences).


andromedaz andromedaz - Still plays Fortnite, which he believes outclasses most AAA games. Thinks and dreams an excessive amount. Loves to write about sci-fi, and whatever makes the least sense. Thinks he knows more about the wiki syntax than he actually does. Contact him if you have questions or trouble with the site. And if he fails to provide a solution, slap him.


AgentCheeseAgentCheese- Somehow managed to find this place and become the first member (expect andromedaz). He writes stuff sometimes. Plays Cultist Simulator and Spore.
PenOrSaber1PenOrSaber1 - The second member (other than andromedaz)(to post on this page). Found the site when hunting through newly created sites to join. Very secretive when regarding certain things. Likes writing, reading, and listening to music. Mostly writes short horror stories(much suspense). Plays Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Crash Bandicoot(all four games), and the Ratchet and Clank games. Is also getting into FNAF.
Mal0genMal0gen - The skulldog in your phone. She does some works on the wiki as the third (!) user of The Andromedaverse. Attention-hungry. Will delete your "homework" folder if you don't play osu!mania with her. Will cut out your mind with the sharpest piece of sky she could ever find , if bored. Ready to be getting Freaky on a Friday Night.

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